Samsung Galaxy Tab official video demo now available. 10 inch Galaxy Tab may come in early 2011

Samsung’s first Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab, is not yet available for purchase – but it should be starting this month (in Europe, not in the US – where AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will likely introduce it starting October).

Until you get the chance to buy a Galaxy Tab, Samsung has uploaded an official video demo of the tablet on YouTube, so you can take a better look at what it’s capable of doing.

From voice and video calling to productivity tools, web browsing (with support for Flash 10.1 and HTML5) and multimedia features, it’s all in the video.

While the Galaxy Tab that appears in this video has a 7 inch display, there have been rumors pointing out to another, bigger version, with a 10 inch screen.

The 10 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab has been recently re-mentioned by SiliconRepublic (via Engadget). It looks like Samsung Mobile Ireland’s manager may have said (with no additional details) that this bigger tablet is slated to arrive in the first half of 2011 – this means it should run Gingerbread, right? Well, we’ll see about that.

Author: Florin

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