Samsung Galaxy Tab offered with free keyboard dock in Spain

Expected to be available starting the next few weeks (or even sooner) in some European countries, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will come with an array of accessories meant to provide a better user experience. One of these accessories is a keyboard dock that will allow you to input text easier than via the tablet’s virtual keyboard.

Normally, the keyboard costs about $100, but Samsung Spain gives it away for free to all those who register for buying a Galaxy Tab until October 14.

Interested customers can register online here.

I’ve searched Samsung’s official website to see if the offer is available in other countries as well (UK, Germany, Italy etc), but it seems that Spain is currently the only place where the company is so generous to offer free keyboards.

Via Samsung Hub

Author: Florin

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  • Andy

    Free i read it was about 700Euro for the tablet. Hope they give you a keyboard!

  • Anonymous

    i agree and i strongly tell: Price too elevated for some two deceptions: Rear camera is only 3 Megapixels, HTC EVO 4G ALSO HTC Desire have 8 Megapixels camera. Second deception is battery charge last 4 hours! They tell 7 but benchmark tets say 6 and WHEN WI-FI and BLUETOOTH ON drop to only 4 hours. No interchangeable battery, the battery is built inside and no access! Apart is interesting and i will buy, but many wont be able for so elevated price and as you said, after 1 year, nobody will want more than $350. at ebay! It does not keep value as HTC, Sony, HP. Mr. Samsung read me, don’t joust travel! Make a surprising Rollback price drop…You’ll sell MILLIONS and helping poor people to use it to work with as i do, i work on computers for printer company i built Posters and CD/DVD producer. So, more sales, for less high price. More expensive make stealers! ALL GPS were stealed…now prices dropped and few stolen and more people don’t lost there way, and less pollution for easyer fing there destination and more time having for be in family! You must think that, i would merit to be president of Samsung! Maybe if he reag me…or he’s lost for no GPS! LOL! Take the life as a game, we’re actors and God like to see how inteligent we are. Enjoy life.