RIM: QNX will eventually replace BlackBerry OS

RIM apparently have big plans for the QNX mobile operating system that will be powering the recently-announced Playbook tablet which the Canadian company plans to release next year.

A RIM VP has confirmed that the new OS will power BlackBerry smartphones in the future as well as tablets. RIM seem to have fallen in love with the QNX stability, low power consumption and rich multimedia capabilities.

The plan to switch to QNX doesn’t involve an aggressive move akin to that which Microsoft pulled for its mobile OS strategy – rather, RIM will transition from BlackBerry OS to QNX slowly, over time. And just to prove that this will indeed take a lot of time, the same VP also said that BlackBerry OS 7 will be a stepping stone to a full switch.

Need I remind you, BlackBerry OS 6 was just launched. And RIM are not known for quick OS refreshes.

So it may take a couple of years, or even more, but RIM seem quite sure that QNX is a better solution for them in the long run. What remains to be seen is how developers and corporate customers will react to the slow transition that RIM will have in place.

Other than that, the use of QNX may finally stop people from claiming that RIM is dead, dying or unable to match the iPhone’s level of…some thing or the other. We’ll see.

Via IntoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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