T-Mobile G2 arrives in stores

The T-Mobile G2 has started to show up in stores. And while you can’t buy one yet, this is a good sign that indicates that sales will probably start soon.

Best Buy has started pre-orders a long time ago and expects to ship G2s on October 6th, Radio Shack have announced that they will be selling the G2 $50 cheaper than T-Mobile or Best Buy and TMo themselves have let it slip that pre-orders are bound to start soon.

And now we have the first pictures of the G2 inside stores, getting ready to be pre-ordered and sold.

Judging by these pictures, and all the previous leaks and tidbits of information, the start of G2 sales seems imminent at this point. Perhaps T-Mobile will have a very short pre-order period and start selling the G2 on or before October 6th (when Best Buy said they’d start). Or maybe October 16th is the magic date, as it was rumored at one point. Either way, you’re looking at a maximum of under three weeks between now and whenever it will be that you’ll be able to get a brand new T-mobile G2 in your hands.

Via TmoNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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