White HTC Desire and silver Wildfire on pre-order in the UK

Mobile users over in the UK will soon be able to buy the HTC Desire (the old Desire, not the new ones) and the HTC Wildfire in new color versions: white and silver, respectively.

You can pre-order both handsets at Mobiles.co.uk (go here for the white Desire, and here for the silver Wildfire), and you can only pre-register for them at The Carphone Warehouse (white Desire, silver Wildfire).

The white Desire is free on contracts from £25 per month, while the silver Wildfire is free on contracts from £20 per month. According to The Carphone Warehouse, the new color versions will be available staring November. However, Omio has it that they’ll be in stock as soon as October 1. We’re not sure who to believe here.

Both Android smartphones can be acquired with deals from all major UK carriers: O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and 3. No word yet if HTC intends to launch the white Desire and the silver Wildfire in other countries – it probably will, though.

Author: Florin

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