Will we see BlackBerry-styled Windows Phone 7 devices? Probably yes

When you say Windows Phone 7, you’re likely thinking about devices with large, WVGA touchscreens. You know, like the Samsung Cetus, Samsung i8700, HTC Mondrian, HTC Trophy, LG Optimus 7 and so on.

However, this isn’t the only form factor that Microsoft has in mind for its new OS.

The Redmond giant also plans to introduce “BlackBerry style handsets” based on WP7. That’s what Silicon is reporting in an interview with Microsoft evangelist Paul Foster.

At launch – it’s said – most of the Windows Phone 7 devices will have WVGA displays. “Later”, handsets with smaller resolution displays (480 x 320) and QWERTY keypads on the front should also be available. These would, of course, compete with all the BlackBerry Bolds and Curves of the world, as well as with some of Nokia’s smartphones.

Microsoft is no stranger to this form factor (there are lots of such Windows Mobile smartphones – the latest being the Samsung Omnia Pro 4 and Omnia Pro 5). So it does make sense for the company to hold on to it, even in the new WP7 era.

(not a real device)

The world’s first Windows Phone 7 handsets should be launched starting October in Europe, and November in the US. We’ll see then if there are any BlackBerry-like devices among them.

Via WMPowerUser

Author: Florin

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  • techiegz

    The inquiry as to whether we will see a Blackberry-like WP7 device should be directed at OEMs who build the hardware.MS has done its part by specifying minimum requirements and left the part about how those requirements are actually designed up to OEMs to decide if they will deliver hardware with front keyboards or slide keyboards. Personally, front keyboards are ugly and forever there regardless if you need them or not, why not slide them away if not in need. As much as there is the possibility of front keyboards, it is already certain that many of the handsets will be slide-keyboards which I find much better no matter how you cut it.