T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant GPS issue fixed, Sprint Samsung Epic 4G upload speed to be fixed tomorrow

Time for some updates for the Samsung Galaxy S family in the US. Software updates, that is.

See, there’s probably no one who can tell you that the four different Galaxy S versions that Samsung has launched across the four main US carriers were the most bug-free devices of all time when they shipped.

There were issues with all of them, most notable of which is a GPS fix problem that seems to make people always wait minutes for a GPS location. This issue seems to be affecting the entire Galaxy S range, and AT&T’s Captivate owners are already receiving an update that should fix it.

And now it seems that they will be joined in being once again able to use GPS on their phones without having to wait a lot for a fix by the T-Mobile Vibrant owners.

There’s an update waiting for them in Samsung’s Kies desktop software. The update, which will bring your phone’s firmware version to UVJI5 does, among other things, fix this problem once and for all. Media Hub is also included and aside from that, it’s all minor bugfixes.

Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G has been suffering from an entirely different problem. There have been widespread reports from Epic 4G owners that their upload speed over 3G is capped at around 150 kbps, which is obviously painfully slow.

Responding in a gigantic thread about the issue over at Sprint’s message boards, a Sprint forum administrator had this to say:

“Good news – an update will be released tomorrow 9/30. It will be rolled out over a 4 day period so not everyone will get it on day 1. I will have the standard MR information (fixes included, rollout schedule, etc) available tomorrow morning and will post it in a new featured thread.”

And while that doesn’t specifically say that the update will address the upload speed limit, why else would he post it on that particular thread?

Whatever the case, tomorrow we’ll know for sure if the update is intended to fix the upload speed cap, and if it actually succeeds in doing so.

Via DroidDog and Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Sidddiqi

    UVJI5 upgrade applied to T-Mobile Vibrant using Kies (Canda version). Upgrade went like a charm. GPS works great now, out of 21 Sat in view 13 were locked. Lags are gone too, well most of the lags. However, I did notice some applications had lag in screen rotation – you will need to shake the phone if screen does not rotate.