More pictures of the Windows Phone 7 HTC Mondrian surface. This time it’s called HTC Spark

The first Windows Phone 7 devices will hit the market soon. Real soon. That much is obvious from the recent wave of leaks concerning new phones that will be running Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system.

Remember the HTC Mondrian? Perhaps from the leaked press photos of it from just a few hours ago? If you weren’t satisfied with the fact that those photos weren’t ‘hands-on’, worry no more.

Hands-on photos of the device have leaked. Curiously though, the person leaking these photos and the one who actually has been using the handset in question both were lead to believe that this is called the HTC Spark. Even the phone itself thinks so, as seen in the third picture below.

So this may be another case of HTC having too many names and codenames for the exact same hardware (a la the HD3/HD7 perhaps). Because this is clearly one and the same device with the leaked HTC Mondrian.

Since the name HTC Mondrian was already spotted in leaked AT&T ads, it’s safe to say that this will be its name for North America. Therefore, Spark may either be the name under which it will be sold elsewhere, or just a codename that will never be used commercially.

We’ll surely find out all the necessary details in a very short while, when WP7 will be officially launched.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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