Nokia’s Ovi Store reaches 2.3 million downloads per day, 70 developers have 1 million plus downloads

Nokia’s Ovi Store is growing. Slowly, perhaps even very slowly at times, but it hasn’t stopped growing. Back in April we heard that there were 1.6 million downloads from the Ovi Store each day.

A few weeks ago, that number had grown to 2 million. And today it’s 2.3 million.

So 2.3 million apps or other items of content are being downloaded from the Ovi store every day at this point. That’s about 840 million downloads in a whole year, if the number per day were to stay the same. Since it probably won’t, it’s safe to say that the Ovi Store will reach the threshold of 1 billion downloads/year pretty soon.

About 200,000 people register on Ovi every day (that presumably means that they sign up for a Nokia account, which allows you to access the Ovi store among many other Nokia services).

Also, there are currently 70 different developers that have seen their apps downloaded from the Ovi store more than a million times. The number of developers to be in this select club is apparently growing every week.

What all of this means is that there’s only one way for the Ovi Store: up. These trends have no reason to reverse, so expect these statistics to be revised and replaced with even higher numbers pretty soon.

Via Reuters and ForumNokia

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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