RadioShack gets T-Mobile HTC G2 first

Still wondering when exactly you’ll be able to get your hands on HTC’s new G2 for T-Mobile?

Well, not only will RadioShack sell you the smartphone for a cool $50 less than the competition (including TMo themselves), as we’ve heard before, but apparently they’ll also be getting it first.

That’s what two leaked RadioShack flyers indicate.

The T-Mobile G2 will be in The Shack waiting for you starting on October 3rd, and you can get one for $149.99 with the obvious 2-year service agreement, which has to include a $30/month data package.

Since October 3rd is this Sunday, if you want to buy the G2, it looks like this weekend will turn out to be a very happy one for you indeed.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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