Samsung officially announces “several” Windows Phone 7 devices for this year

Just in case you needed an official confirmation that Samsung would launch Windows Phone 7 devices this year, this has arrived today by way of press release (issued by Samsung, of course).

Reportedly, “the Windows Phone 7 platform and related application software” (software and services including Xbox LIVE, Zune, Office, Windows Live and Bing) will be used “as a key component of the Samsung smartphone portfolio.”

Samsung intends to introduce “several” WP7 handsets before the end of this year, not only in Europe and the US, but also in Asia. The company doesn’t specifically say which smartphone models will be released, but we’ve got some guesses: Samsung Cetus, Samsung i8700 and Samsung Omnia 7 (actually, the Omnia 7 may be the i8700).

Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President, OEM Division at Microsoft, said something quite interesting in the press release:

“Windows Phone 7 is an important release and we look forward to deepening our collaboration with Samsung on mobile devices and beyond, with our multi-screen strategy.”

Is the part at the end a hint that points out to possible Windows Phone 7 tablets from Samsung? Regardless of the answer, you can read the full press release here.

Author: Florin

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