Sprint Samsung Epic 4G OTA update is out. T-Mobile says you shouldn’t update the Vibrant via Kies

Yesterday we brought you news about software updates coming to two of the four Samsung Galaxy S versions in the US, namely T-Mobile’s Vibrant and Sprint’s Epic 4G.

It turns out that, as expected, the update for the Samsung Epic 4G is now live and rolling out. And it does indeed fix the slow upload speeds seen on 3G. Alongside that, it also addresses the following issues:

  • WiFi standby battery drain
  • Amazon MP3 cannot download in 4G
  • Large emails lag in upload speeds

This update will come to Epic 4G owners over the air. The phone should download it automatically, since it’s a recommended update, and notify the user to install it. The installation process should take 7-8 minutes.

The roll-out has begun today at 12 AM EST and will continue for several days, as it is in stages. That means you shouldn’t panic if the update hasn’t reached your Epic 4G yet, it surely will during the next few days.

Moving on to T-Mobile’s Vibrant now, yesterday’s news was apparently good. There was an update available, strangely not OTA, but it was accessible using Samsung’s Kies desktop software.

Unfortunately today T-Mobile are advising Samsung Vibrant owners not to update via Kies, because there apparently are some “known issues” with the update available there. TMo customers are further advised to wait for an over the air update which will presumably come soon to address the GPS fix issues once and for all.

So if you haven’t updated via Kies already, it’s probably best to wait just a little bit more and get the officially sanctioned OTA update.

Via Sprint and T-Mobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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