Verizon Samsung Continuum leaks, has two displays

We first heard of the Samsung Continuum about a month ago, when a Verizon roadmap leak brought it into the light. Back then, it was rumored to be a midrange Android smartphone that would launch at some point in October and fit nicely in Verizon’s lineup in between the Fascinate and the Gem.

Today we get some leaked pictures that supposedly show the Samsung Continuum. And it looks like this phone has two surprises in store for us: a secondary OLED display below the main touchscreen and Galaxy S branding.

Let’s take them one at a time. The small OLED secondary display is apparently called the “Ticker”, which conveys its intended use pretty well. It will show weather information, notifications, RSS updates, that sort of thing. The idea here is that this screen consumes a fraction of the power the big touchscreen needs, and you can just glance at it in order to get some basic information without ever having to unlock the main display.

Whether or not this idea will catch on remains to be seen. Secondary OLED displays were big in clamshell phones, but there the form factor kind of demanded a solution for not having to always ‘open’ the phone to get even the most basic of information (such as missed calls and new messages).

In this case however, the secondary display is literally just below the main one, so perhaps it’s a bit less useful. Still, an innovative idea in an Android world currently dominated by copying the competition, so kudos to Samsung for that.

The second interesting thing about this handset is that, as you can see, it sports ‘Galaxy S’ branding. Normally reserved only for the highest-end Android offerings from Samsung, this may mean one of two things. Either this is not a midrange device as previously rumored, or Samsung may have decided to apply the ‘Galaxy S’ badge to more devices, including lesser-specced ones than the likes of the Fascinate.

The only hardware details that are known at this point about the Continuum are that it has a dedicated camera button and a microSD card slot on the side, ready to fulfill all your hot-swapping needs.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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