Rumor: Palm Mansion will have 800×480 screen, no physical QWERTY

The rumor of the day, perhaps rather unexpectedly, concerns Palm, now part of HP. Before getting acquired by HP, Palm only managed to churn out 4 WebOS devices, which were actually two (the Pre and the Pixi) and two minor hardware upgrades for them (the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus).

And ever since the ‘Plus’ versions of those devices came out, people have been anxiously expecting the next big thing, smartphone-wise, to bear the Palm brand.

HP have repeatedly said they will focus on tablets for WebOS, but there will be some new smartphones too. And now it looks like one of those could be codenamed ‘Mansion’. That name makes some sense, since the original Pre had the codename ‘Castle’.

The Mansion will have a 800×480 screen resolution and may be the first Palm smartphone since their WebOS-based reinvention not to sport a physical QWERTY keyboard.

It will be interesting to see how HP/Palm will pull off a virtual QWERTY keyboard only and how theirs will compare to the iPhone’s and the myriad of keyboards available for Android devices. Also, the increase in resolution will surely make many people happy, as it will be on par with the latest Android smartphones in this regard.

There are no more details at this point, but if this device is real, they will surely leak at some point or the other in the coming weeks or months.

Via PreCentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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