Spotify Mobile is now available for “Windows Phone 6”, will be on Windows Phone 7 too

Spotify have announced that they are releasing their latest mobile app, one made for the operating system they insist on calling “Windows Phone 6” – but that we all know as Windows Mobile 6.

Perhaps an odd choice of OS to launch a new app for, but Spotify seem to be intent on covering all their bases with their mobile client releases.

The WinMo Spotify app allows you to search through Spotify’s database of millions of songs and play any one of them. Streaming works over mobile data connections as well as WiFi. You have access to all your existing Spotify playlists, you can create offline playlists, there’s ‘on the fly sync’ which instantly syncs any change you make to a playlist to all the other Spotify clients you use and you can wirelessly sync your local files to your phone.

Here’s a short video highlighting some of the features:

If you have a WinMo device you can go to and download the application. Soon it will also be available on the Windows Marketplace for mobile.

And if this news is not very interesting to you, perhaps knowing that Spotify is also coming to Windows Phone 7 will cheer you up. For that is exactly what they have said. There’s no time frame yet for the WP7 app’s release, but it surely is on the way.

And with WP7 being officially introduced next Monday, Spotify will soon have a mobile client for yet another platform.

Via Spotify

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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