Sprint Samsung Epic 4G update finally gets pushed again

It looks like Sprint was able to fix whatever “administrative issue” they came across last week when they released and then promptly pulled a software update for the Samsung Epic 4G.

People are starting to receive that update over the air, so Sprint has clearly begun re-deploying it.

This update doesn’t bring with it a new OS version or anything like that, but is intended to be a cure for some of the more annoying bugs that Epic 4G owners have been facing. It fixes:

  • slow upload speeds on 3G
  • WiFi standby battery drain
  • Amazon MP3 cannot download in 4G
  • Large emails lag in upload speeds

The roll-out is in stages, as they always are, so if you haven’t received a notification that there’s an update available yet, it will probably come in the next few days.

Alternatively, you can look at this forum thread for a manual update procedure, if you’re really that impatient. If you do so, be advised that the usual warnings of it being solely your own fault if anything goes wrong do apply.

Via AndroidCentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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