Android becomes No.1 in the US

Nielsen have released some more proof of Android’s unstoppable growth.

According to Nielsen’s August data, Android is now the No.1 smartphone operating system in the US among people who’ve bought a smartphone in the past six months.

This data covers a full month of iPhone 4 availability, which obviously includes the record sales right after its release.

RIM’s BlackBerry OS and Apple’s iOS are now tied in second place among recent smartphone acquirers, with about 25-26% of the market compared to Android’s 32%.

When it comes to all smartphone owners (not just those that have purchased a smartphone during the past six months), RIM’s BlackBerry still reigns supreme, currently having 31% of the market. iOS is in second place there with 28%, while Android is in third with 19%, but its growing trend can’t be ignored.

And with these numbers, it certainly looks like Android is well on its way to becoming the world’s second most popular mobile operating system, as was previously predicted.

Via Nielsen

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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