Motorola Defy to be launched on October 21 in Europe?

Motorola Defy, the company’s second rugged Android smartphone, was officially unveiled in early September. At that time, it was only mentioned that the handset would be available in the fourth quarter of the year, so no exact launch date was given.

Well, the launch date (in France, at least) might be October 21.

MobiFrance discovered that Motorola will hold a press event on that day for launching a “life proof smartphone.” The water drops on the invitation (see below) are most likely an indication that the smartphone is water proof – just like the Defy is.

Of course, Moto may actually unveil a completely new rugged smartphone, although I doubt it. I guess we’ll find out what exactly is going on only after the October 21 event kicks off.

It’s worth mentioning that the Defy is already featured on Motorola France’s website.

Apart from being released in Europe, the Motorola Defy will also be available in the US, where T-Mobile will offer it in time for the holiday season.

Author: Florin

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  • Nedeljko Kovacevic

    If #Motorola doesn’t confirm #Froyo for #DEFY on the launch-date, it’ll be the end of this GPU-less Android phone )-: