Nokia C7, C6-01 and X3-02 Touch and Type launch dates for India revealed

If you’re in India, wondering when Nokia will launch two of its its newest Symbian^3 smartphones (the C7 and the C6-01) there, we’ve got answers for you.

According to Nokia India, the Nokia C7 will be available before the end of this month (October), while the Nokia C6-01 should be out by mid-December.

No word yet on their prices, and neither on the launch date of the Nokia E7 (the company’s Symbian^3 flagship).

(Nokia C7)

(Nokia C6-01)

If case you’re not into Symbian, Nokia also readies the launch of the X3-02 Touch and Type in India. The X3-02 is Nokia’s first S40 touchscreen handset and should be available to Indian customers by mid November.

Before the C7, C6-01 and X3-02 get to be released, you should be able to buy the Nokia N8, which has started shipping at the end of September and is likely in stores right now.

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Author: Florin

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  • Bob

    Am impressed with the C6-01. Shall buy it in Dec’ 10 when it releases in India. I wonder why Nokia launches phones for actual sale 4 months after unveiling ’em in the market. Nokia needs to consider a ‘speed-to-market’ strategy or at least reduce the time to 1.5-2 months which seems reasonable. Microsoft is jumping in big time with their WP7 too … more worries from the Android folks. Nokia needs to know that competition is out to wipe out each other.

  • Verma Paresh

    What was the of c7 in india


    can any one tel me the cost of this C7 nokia in indian rupees and its release date in india….!

  • Lathavellore_2006

    it will be approximately 20000


    it has been put up 13000 in some of the sites which ships goods 2 india…..its given that comin soon and 13000/- for C7 and 14000/- for E7 and 11000/- for C6-01……

  • Anonymous

    may be c7 could be 13,000 and c6 11000 but e7 14,000 no way is just to increase site popularity ….i think e7 will be launched at rs 29,000 c6-01 at 17,500 and c7 at 21,000 (i heard c series 1 price will be lowest and as we move to 2,3,4,5,6,7 its price will also increase and c6 is launched at 15,200 so c7 had to be expenive than c6 )

  • sanchit

    can any one tel me the cost of this nokia X3 02 in indian rupees and its release date in india

  • Abhishek

    Can any one inform me nokia X3 02 release date in india…

  • Ronit

    should i buy c6 or wait for c6.01

  • Ronit

    i m very much confused as which 1 to buy……
    choice is samsung galaxy3 or c6 or shud i wait for c6-01?????
    plz suggest…..
    is there any problem with c6…..sme say the interface is sluggish