HP confirms Palm WebOS phones for early next year (CES 2011 launch?)

Palm hasn’t introduced a single new device since April this year, when the company was bought by HP – which now also owns WebOS.

So if you’re wondering when new Palm handsets will be introduced, it looks like the answer is “early next year.”

HP’s Senior Vice President Eric Cador recently said so, unfortunately without providing more details.

One of the future HP-Palm phones could be the Palm Mansion, which should feature a large WVGA touchscreen display, no hardware QWERTY keyboard and, most likely, WebOS 2.0 (pictured below).

Early next year is also when the rumored WebOS-based HP PalmPad should be introduced.

Since Palm was present both at CES 2009 and CES 2010 (for unveiling the Pre and Pixi – and, one year later, their Plus versions), CES 2011 seems to be a good place for the new WebOS devices to be announced. Let’s hope HP and Palm won’t disappoint.

Author: Florin

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