Gresso Luxor World Time unveiled as the world’s first phone with world time function

Yes, the title of the news is a bit redundant, but I couldn’t help it.

In a press release that would make any Engrish speaker proud, luxury phone maker Gresso has announced its latest creation: the Luxor World Time – which, as you’ve surely noticed by now, comes with a “world time function.”

More exactly, the phone features six independent “Swiss clockwork mechanisms” embedded on the back. Five of these show the current time in “the five main world business centers”: New Work, London, Paris, Tokyo and Moscow. The sixth watch can be set to whatever time the owner of the phone wants.

(nevermind what the photos show, the local time in Paris is never the same as the local time in New York)

Made out of “superlight titanium alloy”, high-tech ceramics and sapphire crystal, the Gresso Luxor World Time looks a lot like the $1 million Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot launched this summer.

You can order the Gresso World Time as of now here at Gresso’s website, but only if you have $6,000 to spend.

Author: Florin

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