More pictures of the Verizon HTC Merge/Lexikon leak

The HTC Merge, or HTC Lexikon, or whatever its final retail name will be, sure is one of the most leaked devices in the past few weeks.

We’ve seen it in the wild, then its user guide leaked, and just a few days ago it got previewed and benchmarked.

And if you were hoping you’d see even more pictures of this device in the wild, today’s leak brings you just that: more pictures.

There’s no new information about the Merge (or Lexikon). As per previous leaks, it will be a world phone (or global roaming device), will come with an 800 MHz processor (possibly the same seen in the T-Mobile G2 and HTC Desire Z) and a whole lotta Bing. Bing search, Bing maps, Bing everywhere.

At the rate the leaks of this device are going, it’s clear that we’re fast approaching the day when Verizon will officially unveil it and clear the rest of the details about its specs.

Via DroidLife

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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