HTC Mondrian render (AT&T-branded) shows up

We already know that the HTC Mondrian will be launched by AT&T sometime soon. The new Windows Phone 7 handset has appeared more than once on the Web, and even in two AT&T commercials (which, unfortunately, aren’t available anymore).

Now the Mondrian has showed up again, this time in a render that has AT&T’s logo on it.

The thing is, this new Mondrian looks a bit different than what we’ve seen until now. But maybe AT&T readies the launch of two HTC WP7 devices, one being this newly-appeared Mondrian (seen in the photo below), and the other one being the HTC Spark (aka the old Mondrian).

Of course, we can’t say anything for sure at the moment, so let’s wait for October 11 (this Monday) to come – Microsoft should officially launch Windows Phone 7 then, and AT&T will likely present its first WP7 handsets.

Via 911sniper, PocketNow

Author: Florin

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