Microsoft Windows Phone 7 debuts in Europe on October 21, in time for the holidays in the US

As expected, today Microsoft has announced the launch date of Windows Phone 7, its new OS that should make us forget the old Windows Mobile.

Windows Phone 7 devices will be officially available in Europe starting October 21. In the US, handsets will be out starting November.

According to Microsoft, more than 60 mobile operators around the world (in more than 30 countries) will introduce Windows Phone 7 devices soon.

Here’s a list of carriers and the WP7 handsets that they’ll launch for the beginning:

  • AT&T (US): HTC Surround, Samsung Focus and LG Quantum
  • T-Mobile (US): HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro
  • Bell Telus (Canada): HTC 7 Surround and LG Optimus 7
  • América Móvil (Mexico): LG Optimus 7
  • O2 (UK and Germany): HTC HD7
  • Orange (UK, France and not only): HTC 7 Mozart and Samsung Omnia 7
  • SFR (France): HTC 7 Trophy, Samsung Omnia 7
  • Movistar (Spain): LG Optimus 7, HTC HD7, Samsung Omnia 7
  • Deutsche Telekom AG (T-Mobile Germany): HTC 7 Mozart, Samsung Omnia 7
  • Vodafone (UK, Germany, Spain and others): HTC 7 Trophy, LG Optimus 7
  • SingTel (Singapore): HTC HD 7, LG Optimus 7
  • Telstra (Australia): HTC 7 Mozart, LG Optimus 7Q

“Microsoft and its partners are delivering a different kind of mobile phone and experience – one that makes everyday tasks faster by getting more done in fewer steps and providing timely information in a ‘glance and go’ format” said Steve Ballmer.

All Windows Phone 7 devices will obviously feature Microsoft software and services, including Xbox LIVE, Office Mobile, Zune, Windows Live, Bing Search, Bing Maps and so on.

The phones have a customizable Start screen with Live Tiles, which provides real-time updates (including news, friends’ statuses, appointments and so on).

We’ll provide more info on all new Windows Phone 7 handsets soon, so stick around.

Via Microsoft here and here

Author: Florin

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