UK: Samsung Omnia 7 will be on Orange, Three and T-Mobile

After having its details leaked earlier this morning, the Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 smartphone was officially unveiled today alongside all the other new WP7 devices.

And while that leak had all the details about the handset’s specs, it didn’t feature any pricing information.

In the mean time, three different operators have announced that they will be selling the Omnia 7 in the UK: Orange, Three and T-Mobile. So if you’re after Samsung’s first WP7 effort, there will be no shortage of options.

Orange will ship the Omnia 7 on October 21st and it will be free on 2-year contracts starting at £40/month.

Three will sell you an Omnia 7 on October 21st as well, but here the device will be free on plans starting at £35/month. A 2-year contract is required, of course. Depending on what your communication needs are, getting the Omnia 7 on Three might save you £120 over the life of the contract compared to Orange’s pricing, so that’s probably something you  may want to keep in mind.

T-Mobile will also have the Samsung Omnia 7 in stock on October 21st, and as Three, they’ll give it to you for free if you sign up for a 24-month £35/month contract.

So there you have it. In less than ten days you’ll be able to get this WP7 smartphone and enjoy all that Microsoft’s latest mobile OS has to offer.

Via Orange, Three and T-Mobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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