Is this Verizon’s Android-based HTC Bee?

While Verizon won’t have any Windows Phone 7 devices until next year, it sure has quite a few Android ones. And it will have even more soon. One of the carrier’s upcoming Android smartphone sees to be the HTC Bee.

Recently appeared in a leaked render, the Bee looks like a CDMA version of AT&T’s HTC Aria (currently available for $50 on contract).

The Bee should feature Android 2.2 Froyo, a QVGA touchscreen display, 5MP camera with flash, 384MB of RAM, and a 528MHz processor.

911sniper has an HTC Bee ROM which suggests the smartphone is headed to Alltel. Since Alltel is owned by Verizon, it makes perfect sense for Big Red to launch the handset, too, likely for a very attractive price. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when this will happen.

Via PocketNow

Author: Florin

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  • Alan smith

    Hey Dummy Alltel is NOT owned by Verizon….News much?

  • Kevin Schram

    Yes, Alltel is owned by Verizon.