Windows Phone 7: copy and paste will come early next year

One of the glaring omissions in Microsoft’s first version of their new mobile operating system must be the lack of cut/copy&paste functionality. Windows Phone 7 has launched without that feature built-in, and previously there was no word from Microsoft on whether this will be a temporary situation or forever.

But according to Andy Lees, Microsoft’s new chief of Mobile, copy&paste will be coming to Windows Phone 7, via a software update, sometime early next year. That update may (hopefully) bring with it some other stuff that Microsoft has decided to leave out of WP7 for now, but there are no more details.

Copying text in Windows Phone 7 will work like this: click on a single word, then drag your finger across the rest of the words you want copied. When you lift your finger, a Copy button appears.

So good news for those who can’t live without this feature on their mobile device. Copying and pasting definitely can’t come soon enough for those who will use MS Office on their WP7 smartphones.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Ving Chou

    Big mistake for Microsoft in my opinion to not include multi-tasking and copy and paste. Just hope it doesn’t prove too troublesome when the phones being to roll out with WP7