Tweedeck: HTC rules Android world, Froyo at 57%, HTC Glacier and Moto Droid 2 Global are coming

While figures about various Android stats are not that difficult to come buy, most of them are very generalized, and, most often, refer to the general usage share numbers among various versions of Android.

Which is why today’s Tweedeck’s “Android Ecosystem Infoporn Overload” stats release is so refreshing. And, it provides some interesting insights into what’s happening in Android world.

For those who don’t know Tweetdeck – it’s one of the most popular Twitter desktop clients, which is now also available for Android (in beta version). The data they released today comes from the 36 427 active beta testers, they signed up for the trial of Tweetdeck Android Twitter client. The stats pros may argue that the data they provided is not very representative, and is slanted towards the geeks who are always ready to test the next next thing that comes to them. And, judging from the popularity of Google’s Nexus One in Tweetdeck stats, while it was  hardly a hit among general consumer,  I agree with them.

Still, the data is good enough for me to get some insights at the state of things in Android world.

First thing that jumps out from Tweetdeck data, is how far ahead of competition HTC is among Android makers. It’s HTC Desire is the most popular Android phone, ahead from second place Motorola Droid X by almost 50%. In the top 20 of Android phones, 10 of them were made by HTC, compared to 4 each from Motorola and Samsung and 2 from Sony Ericsson. If we look at the market shares (by number of TDA users) in the top 20, HTC has 55.8%, Motorola – 23.8%, Samsung – 15.6% and Sony Ericsson – 4.8%.

Most of Samsung’s phones in top 20, are specific carrier versions of Galaxy S. Sony Ericsson has only Xperia X10 in top 20, and it seems that X10 is a real hit in Japan… And nowhere else. Total numbers of X10 SO-01 (Japanese version)  with Tweetdeck is twice as big as Xperia X10i – worldwide edition.

Another bit of broad stats – is decreasing fragmentation and rapidly growing share of Android 2.2 handsets. With 57% of Tweetdeck beta testers using Android 2.2, 35% on 2.1 Eclair and only 9% with the old Android 1.6. Of course, you can call the huge number of various Android mods a fragmentation, but that only shows the flexibility of the platform, and affects only a small number of very advanced users, without much impact on general consumer.

And some other minutiae revealed by Tweedeck’s data Dump:

  • Android Gingerbread is real, and there’s a substantial amount of people already testing it in the field
  • We’ve all seen YouTube videos with Nokia N900 and HTC HD2 running Android. Now we have proof. 103 Tweedeck Android users had HD2’s, and 6 of them had Nokia N900. There was also one HTC Kaiser user spotted out there, too. What do you know – there still are some people running Android on the good old HTC TyTN II
  • The rumored uber fast HTC Glacier is also out there in the field, probably undergoing some tests. 3 Tweetdeck users were caught with it
  • While Motorola Droid 2 Global Edition missed the CTIA announcement date, it seems that it is still out there somewhere, and may be announced soon.

Well, that’s about all interesting details I noticed in this late night Android Dataporn edition. If you spotted some more goodies, be sure to mention them in comments.

Author: Julien

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