New luxury iPhone 4 costs $8 million

Remember the iPhone 3GS Kings Button, which was priced at $2.41 million last year? If you thought that was expensive, check out this new luxury iPhone 4, which costs no less than £5 million. – about $8 million.

Customized by Stuart Hughes for a wealthy Australian businessman, the uber-expensive iPhone 4 is dressed in rose gold and 500 diamonds (53 of which are embedded on the Apple logo on the back).

The iPhone’s home button features “two interchangeable diamonds” – a 7.4 carat pink one, and a rare 8 carat one.

What’s amazing is that the Australian businessman reportedly ordered two such luxury iPhones. Man, with $16 million someone could feed a small, poor country for a month!

Via Small World, Engadget

Author: Florin

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  • stoli89

    It’s called trickle down economics…only it’s in the form of piss.

  • Ving Chou

    Wow, that is mad!