Palm Pre 2 will be on Verizon

The Palm Pre 2 is coming soon. That much is clear. We already know its specs, we’ve also seen some live hands-on pictures, and today’s leak is about its presence in the United States.

Previous leaks either came from French carrier SFR or were related to the device it will sell. But now it looks like the WebOS 2.0-powered beast is headed to Verizon. That’s what this leaked screencap from Big Red’s internal VZLearn system suggests. This portal has training information for Verizon employees.

No other details are known at this point. There’s no info on pricing on when it will actually be available on Verizon, or if it will be also launched by another US carrier. But do stay tuned, since judging by how frequent Pre 2-related leaks have become, we’ll know soon enough.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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