Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available in Russia

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is starting to slowly become available across Europe. A few days ago, Samsung announced that you can buy one in Germany for 799 euro and the expected shipping date of the Tab in the UK is November 1.

In the mean time, Samsung’s first Android-powered tablet has gone on sale in Russia, for the price of 36,990 rubles (which is approximately 1225 US dollars or 870 euro). Starting at 5 pm local time today, the Tab can be purchased at a Svyaznoy store. What you get is obviously the SIM free, unlocked version.

Samsung are intent on selling no less than 10 million of these tablets, and if they become available in enough markets, that just may happen.

Via Samsung Hub

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    It is great news. I will check the Svyaznoy store in Moscow this weekend.