Amazon now sells both the HTC Evo 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G for only $99.99

Over the past couple of years a ‘standard’ price has emerged in the US for new high-end smartphones – $199.99. There have been some exceptions to this ‘rule’, like the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G being priced by the carrier $50 above, but generally the big four US carriers stuck with this pricing.

However, for those among you patient enough to wait a couple of months (or sometimes just weeks) after a shiny new device gets released, there were and still are many great special offers – though usually they don’t come from the carriers themselves, but from large retail partners.

Such is the case today too. The aforementioned Samsung Epic 4G, priced by Sprint at $249.99, was available at Amazon for $199.99 since they started selling it. And now they cut even that price in half. That’s right, the Epic 4G is now only $99.99 from Amazon. This offer obviously still requires you to sign a 2-year service agreement with Sprint, but that’s a lot of smartphone you get for the price.

In similar fashion, the HTC Evo 4G, the other flagship Sprint Android phone is also $99.99 on Amazon. Again, a new 2-year contract is required, but the simple fact that two of the most highly specified smartphones of today are available for just under a hundred dollars is amazing.

So if you were eyeing either one, but were reluctant to actually buy, perhaps this price cut will make you change your mind.

Via Android Police

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Paul216216

    Thats a great price but it sure is a kick in the butt to us existing customers at Sprint that can’t take advantage of this price. I already spoke with Sprint and they won’t even consider price matching Amazon’s original price of $199 let alone today’s $99 price.

  • paul216216

    Worst part about these great deals are Sprint acts like they have nothing to do with it and that is far from the truth. Sprint and Samsung were in this deal together to have the Epic 4g made specially for them and I’m sure Sprint gets some kickback from these great deals being offered. Samsung and Amazon cut a deal to sell such said amount of phones in a limited time period to make a sweet profit for both companies and in return Sprint is being rewarded by getting all these new contract sales out of the deal plus I sure a little off the top of the phone sales too being sold under Sprint’s name/exclusive phone. Just another slap in the face to the existing customers like myself that have to pay $250 at best from Sprint verses Johnny come lately defecting from AT&T or other carries and walk in and get a $99 deal from Amazon to new customers only, Amazon doesn’t handle contract renewals so it even says “existing customers of Sprint our out of luck”. ?!?!?

  • guest

    Could I buy the phone as a “new customer” even though I am a current Sprint customer? What would happen?

  • Paul216216

    As far as I know from playing around you would be setting up a new Sprint account/contract. So if you don’t mind having 2 contracts running with Sprint then I guess the deal if for you. I really think this is a complete sham by Sprint/Samsung/Amazon. Existing customers are getting completely left out to dry on this one and those who moved over recently from other carriers to purchase the Evo or Epic recently also are getting burned now by this newest deal. I’m sure this deal from Amazon didn’t get created over night, I’m sure this has been in the works roughly since the release of both phones and a strategic time frame was calculated on when to roll out this deal by Amazon. Sprint told me this morning they have no dealings with dealers outside of Sprint themselves concerning the pricing or deals made. I find that hard to believe since if you notice the “$36.00 activation fee” is also being waved with this deal from Amazon. Doesn’t that mean that Sprint “granted” throwing the activation fee out the door? Isn’t that coming out of Sprints pocket? As you can tell I am VERY aggravated by this latest deal, not at Amazon but at Sprint/Samsung. I would like to have this phone bad but unfortunately I have to wait another 3 to 4 months before I qualify for full “Sprint Premier Customer” discounts to get the Epic for that great $250 price!

  • Rwstarke

    I was told by Amazon …. “Currently we’re preparing to move Cellphones with Service plans completely over to our primary cellphone store, AmazonWireless.” … “no Sprint phones are officially moved over yet.” … “I would advise continuing to check the website in the coming weeks as we complete the process.”

  • Rwstarke

    Price is now $179.99 for the Evo & $149.99 for the Epic