Palm Pre 2 may be going to AT&T and Rogers as well

The Palm Pre 2 was officially unveiled by HP yesterday, and it’s going to be available in France from SFR on Friday. HP’s announcement only mentioned that the first smartphone to be powered by WebOS 2.0 will be on Verizon in the US and will also be sold in Canada – but no timelines were given, nor were any Canadian carrier-partners named.

But someone digging through the source code for Palm’s Canadian site found this commented-out line:

If the picture isn’t clear enough, here’s the important tidbit:

<!–p>The Palm Pre2 phone is available on the Rodger’s network.</p–>

Funny typo aside, this may indicate that the Pre 2 is headed to Rogers, and not Bell like its predecessors. Then again, it may end up on multiple Canadian carriers. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In another piece of commented-out code, there was even a mention of AT&T, which certainly makes things interesting.

rel=”/us/assets/data/products/pre2_wtb.json” id=”aux-wheretobuy” href=”#wtb”>
<h3> Buy now <img
src=”/assets/images/global/sidebar_link_arrow.gif”> </h3>
<p>Available on Verizon Wireless <br />
and AT&amp;T network</p>

So it looks like the Pre 2 may also be sold, at some point, by AT&T.

Now whether or not these lines are relevant in any way is anyone’s guess. But they have to have been added there for some purpose, right?

Via PreCentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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