The Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S will be available in the UK in November

The tale of Samsung’s Galaxy S Froyo update just keeps on going, and going. While this update may already be available in other countries, it hasn’t hit UK-based Galaxy S owners just yet. Last we heard from Samsung UK was that the update would be out by the end of September, but that clearly didn’t happen.

As UK customers have been getting more and more anxious, seeing as how the update is already out elsewhere, Samsung UK finally decided to address the issue head on in a tweet.

So it looks like Froyo for the Samsung Galaxy S will come to the UK about two months later than initially announced. If that will indeed happen in November. They have said September before, so at this point, who knows…

And here you have a perfect example of what’s annoying with Android. For early adopters at least.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Darrell241983

    your right about that it is so annoying…. I feel sorry to all the people that support androids…. and Im one of the million that also supports android…. i hope that wait is all woth it.