T-Mobile Bestows a Ray of Windows Phone Sunshine, HTC HD7 Available November 8

Windows Phone 7 may have officially launched in parts of the world today, but the US is still waiting for the same opportunity to grace its shores. As we’re beginning to learn, however, anyone Stateside won’t have to wait very long — provided they’re okay with using a GSM carrier. Late yesterday we learned from T-Mobile’s Twitter feed directly that the HTC HD7 will be the first WP7 device on T-Mobile, available in stores on November 8 for $199.99.

It isn’t much of a shocker, as AT&T is launching its first WP7 device, the Samsung Focus, on the same day. Neither is the price; at $200, it certainly will be competitive with some of the premier Android phones available on T-Mobile, not to mention the Focus as well.

What will be more interesting to see is how well the phones sell overall. Can Microsoft recover its mobile OS reputation? Microsoft has a long ways to go after completely scrapping a poor Windows Mobile OS and starting from the ground up. A lot is certainly at stake, and it’ll be fun to watch closely.

via T-Mobile Twitter Feed

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Author: Brad Molen

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