Android Gingerbread will be version 2.3, Samsung may be making one of the first phones to run it

The next version of Google’s mobile operating system will be called Gingerbread, that much we know for sure. However, until now there’s been a lot of speculation regarding what version number Gingerbread would get. Most assumptions focused on 3.0, and a lot fewer on 2.5.

But today a slip from a Google employee may have revealed the official answer, and it’s neither of the above. It’s 2.3. In Google’s “issues” repository for Android (a place to report bugs or request features), the following has showed up:

That reply was in response to an issue raised by someone relating to corporate Wi-Fi after upgrading to Froyo.  And it’s a very unofficial indication that Gingerbread may be Android 2.3 after all.

In other Gingerbread-related news, a rumor is making the rounds that indicates that Samsung is hard at work prepping a “Google experience” phone that will be one of the first devices to run Gingerbread. The smartphone will be in the hands of testers later this year, but will probably ship next year. It will have an AMOLED display and MasterCard PayPass support.

If this will be the first handset to ship with Gingerbread, it would mark the first time Samsung has introduced a new version of the OS to the market. It would also be the first Samsung Android phone not to ship with their custom UI overlay called TouchWiz, if it’s a “Google experience” phone. Interesting.

We’ll report on any other details as soon as they develop.

Via Android Central and Android and Me

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Sirrom

    If you can’t see in the comment, the date of it was September 30, 2010. That’s almost a month ago. After all the speculation recently, more recent than that comment, there is still no telling what version Gingerbread is.