KT to offer 30,000 free Apple iPads to employees

Apple’s iPad will be launched in South Korea sometime next month by KT, the country’s second largest mobile carrier.

Those who work for KT (about 30,000 people) won’t have to buy the iPad if they want to, because the company has decided, “after reviewing a proposal by the labor union”, to give away free iPads to all employees.

This will cost the company about $15 million – or even more, assuming it won’t give away only 16GB, 3G-less iPads.

I assume KT would want its employees to use the iPads for work-related activities – although no one could blame them if they play, say, Angry Birds from time to time.

KT is currently the exclusive iPhone carrier in South Korea.

Via TelecomsKorea / SmartphoneNow

Author: Florin

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