Spice Mobile launches cheap dual SIM phone with 3D display in India, no glasses needed

Sharp may be working on a phone with a 3D display that won’t require special glasses to view, but it looks like someone else beat them to the punch. India’s Spice Mobile has just launched the M-67 3D, which is a phone that has an auto-stereoscopic 3D display. What that means is that, you guessed right, you won’t need any glasses here either. Videos, images, and even the phone’s UI, all support 3D.

Aside from the 3D display, the two other interesting features of the M-67 are the fact that it’s dual SIM and it has remote wipe capability.

Other than that, this phone is pretty low-end. Even the display, while 3D, is only 2.4 inches diagonally and has a resolution of only 240×320. The camera is 2 MP, there’s Bluetooth, but no Wi-Fi or 3G (for either SIM slot). The phone supports microSD cards up to 16 GB, has a dedicated key that will switch the display from 2D mode to 3D, an FM radio, 3.5 mm headset jack and MP3 player.

Perhaps the most important feature of all in this case is the M-67’s price: that’s Rs. 4,299 or approximately $97 at the moment. That’s a pretty sweet deal for a 3D display-touting, dual SIM phone with remote wipe built-in. If, of course, 3D on a phone makes any sense to you at all.

The Spice M-67 3D will be sold through more than 50,000 retail outlets, including 750 Spice HotSpot stores.

Via Cellpassion and Techtree

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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