The Android Market finally, officially has 100,000 apps

In the world of modern superphones, the race to have the most apps available in the Store, or Market, or Marketplace, is certainly on. No matter how irrelevant numbers may be after a certain threshold. Apple has long been leading this metric, but Android is slowly catching up.

The first time we heard that the Android Market may reach 100,000 apps was way back in July, and this was supposed to happen by the end of that month. The claim though came from an independent company, and was never backed by Google or made official.

And now we know why. A little while ago, via their Twitter account that’s meant for Android developers, Google announced that there are now 100,000 apps in the Android Market.

It’s an impressive milestone, of course, even if it’s doubtful that any one Android phone has access to all of those apps right now (paid apps for Android are still available only in a laughably small subset of countries, some apps have multiple versions for multiple Android versions, some are just not available outside a certain market, and so on).

There’s a long way that Android still has to go to catch up with Apple’s 300,000 apps in the iTunes App Store. And that’s fine. How long would it take you to browse through and install even 100,000 apps? And how many different fart apps does one need on their device? Exactly.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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