T-Mobile will launch paid tethering plan on November 3

The leaks from T-Mobile, they just keep on coming. And many thus far indicate that November 3 will be a big day for the magenta carrier.

A leak of a T-Mobile memo indicates that they are prepping to introduce a paid tethering plan. Sadly, that means no more free tethering from TMo. Starting on November 3, to be able to tether your device to a computer, either by USB or Wi-Fi, you’ll have to pony up the $14.99/month that the Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing Add-On will cost.

To get this add-on you’ll need a 3G or HSPA+ capable device and an unlimited web plan of at least $19.95. The tethering plan will apparently also be available for FlexPay customers, if they meet these requirements.

Perhaps now the lack of built-in Wi-Fi tethering in the T-Mobile G2 makes more sense. It’s sad (and, to a point, rather ridiculous) that carriers resort to such tactics, but if you live in the US, mobile internet use will only get more expensive and more restricted by the day, or so it seems.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Maxr

    Everyone File a complaint with the FCC! You fill out the first half then jump to number 5 on the 2nd half and state your paying for 5gb and your being charge twice. Copy and paste this LINK to all sites you visit we have to fight! The FCC will Look into it if you complain. This is a double charge!!!! You’re paying twice for the same 5gb DATA~!!! The FCC has not ruled on this practice.