Apple may have actually cancelled the white iPhone 4

The white iPhone story just won’t die. Only earlier today we learned that Apple officially stated that it would be (yet again) delayed, this time until “early next year”. The reason for this delay isn’t something that has been communicated, and nor was a reason mentioned for any of the previous delay announcements.

However, new information has reached the Boy Genius Report via a source, and it’s interesting. Apparently, Apple has absolutely no plans to ever launch the white iPhone 4. They’ll wait for spring 2011, then announce another delay for the summer, at which point the next-gen iPhone (iPhone 5?) will be introduced and no one will care about the white iPhone 4 anymore.

The fact that manufacturing issues are to blame has not been confirmed this time, though Apple did use that excuse the previous time they delayed the white iPhone 4. Something else may be behind this decision. Anyway, it seems like we’re going to have to wait for next year to come to actually find out if this pans out, but so far Apple hasn’t done anything to indicate it intends to ship the white iPhone 4 after all.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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