White iPhone 4 delayed again, will be out in early 2011

The story of the white iPhone 4 is getting downright ridiculous. Apple initially announced the white version of its new smartphone would be available in July. Not long after that, it said the white edition would actually be delayed for “later this year.”

Now, according to Reuters, Apple talked about the white iPhone 4 again, saying it won’t be launched this year, but only “early next year.”

The reason for this huge delay is not clear, but we still have Apple’s statement from back June: the white iPhone 4 is “more challenging to manufacture than expected.”

Interestingly, “early next year” is also when the Verizon iPhone should (according to rumors) be introduced. So maybe Verizon convinced Apple to give it exclusivity on the white iPhone? That is a possibility, but it would be like a big “screw you” to AT&T.

Anyway, Apple, if you can’t launch a product in a reasonable amount of time after announcing it, just don’t announce it and wait until you’re absolutely sure you can manufacture it. That’s what a company that truly respects its customers would do.

Author: Florin

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    I’ve read the problem is in the white paint for the button — it doesn’t match the tone of the whole handset. But can be this problem that serious? I don’t know, maybe there is something else.