HTC Mecha leaks

When it announced the Desire HD and Desire Z, its two new flagship Android-powered smartphones, HTC also unveiled, an online service that backs up and syncs your data and can remotely make your phone ring or wipe it entirely in case it gets stolen. At first, will only be available for owners of the Desire HD and Desire Z, and as such those were the only options you could pick from when you signed up for the service.

However, earlier today that list got a third entry – HTC Mecha. Since this is the first time we’ve heard of a phone by this name, it’s clear that the addition of it in the menu was a mistake on HTC’s part. This was confirmed by the fact that it got pulled quickly thereafter.

Thankfully, there are screenshots – and they include a pixelated render of what the Mecha is supposed to look like. Yet this looks incredibly similar to the HTC Hero, so perhaps that’s just a test image that HTC used, or the Mecha may indeed be a re-branded Hero – perhaps with refreshed specs.

Time will tell for sure. What’s almost certain is that the Mecha will be running Android, since the service wasn’t announced for any other platform.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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