Mobiado Professional 105 Damascus: new steel-made luxury phone

Mobiado has announced yet another new luxury phone – the Professional 105 Damascus.

The handset’s frame is “precision CNC machined from Damascus steel”, this giving every phone a “different and unique” look.

Damascus steel, as Mobiado is happy to inform us, is “a technique of hot-forging steel, originally used in 1100 to 1700 AD to create sword blades renowned for their sharpness and strength”

The phone’s buttons and screws are also made out of steel, while the front and back plates are made out of sapphire crystal.

As for features, the Professional 105 Damascus comes with 3G (850 / 2100 MHz), 2 inch display, music player, Bluetooth, microUSB, 2MP camera, and 1GB of internal memory.

(photo from the manufacturing process of Mobiado’s new handset)

Mobiado said nothing regarding the price of the Professional 105 Damascus. The phone is not yet featured on the company’s website.

Author: Florin

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