Nokia mocks Apple’s inability to launch white iPhone 4, brags about N8’s “brilliant colors”

We all know that Apple will not launch the white version of iPhone 4 this year (and maybe it won’t launch it at all, ever).

Nokia knows it, too. And since the Finnish company and Apple aren’t exactly best friends, this is a good occasion for Nokia to indirectly mock Apple.

Nokia India says, via its official Twitter account, that you don’t have to “wait till 2011 for a white phone”, because “you can get the Nokia N8 in five brilliant colors.”

I wouldn’t call all the N8’s colors brilliant, but that’s another story. The idea is that the N8 – the “best entertainment phone”, according to Anssi Vanjoki – is available right now in silver white, dark grey, orange, blue and green.

I’m not sure how many of those who want a white iPhone 4 would go for a white N8 instead (after all, the two smartphones are really different), but we can’t blame Nokia for trying to sell its stuff, right?

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    oh suck

    don’t buy N8

  • Anonymous

    N8 is a great phone and can do far more than Android or iOS, so what if the UI is not as flashy, sure the iPhone doesnt even have a UI at all.

    People should just buy the phone that suits them best is what I say.

  • Jonathan

    I really wonder whether these ‘feuds’ actually do anything (either for Apple or for Nokia). Throwing stones over the fence doesn’t really help anyone.

  • 17th Ghost

    iphone sucks

  • Htainlintha

    Kool I’d go for Dark Grey Nokia N8,mine is coming on 5th November 😛

  • Preshentg

    Yes Yes Yes I Phone Sucks

  • Megashines

    y? y shldn’t v buy N8… any reason?