Samsung Galaxy Tab news: US Cellular will carry it, O2 UK announces pricing

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be sold in the US by all the major carriers.

However, it looks like smaller carriers will also get in on the action, as today, US Cellular announced that they will sell it.

The device is the exact same we know, and sadly US Cellular did not make any information on pricing and the release date available. This though seems to have become a trend among US carriers – make one announcement just for the device, with no such details, then another one later with the shipping and pricing info. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted.

Across the pond in the UK, the official release date for the Tab has been known for a while, and it’s November 1. Not all carriers have announced their prices yet, and today was O2’s turn to do just that.

And rather surprisingly, they will not be subsidizing the Tab at all. They will sell it for £599 on their new Pay&go mobile broadband tariffs. These only include data allowances. It will be available for Pay Monthly customers as well as on Pay&go plans with the ability to make calls as well, although no pricing was mentioned for these options. By the wording of the release, it does seem you’ll have to expect the same £599 though. Which is £70 more expensive than what Carphone Warehouse will sell it to you for, keep in mind.

The Galaxy Tab will be available from O2 on Monday morning online and in select retail stores (a list of which will be up on their site by the end of this week).

Via AndroidCommunity and O2

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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