Google Nexus Two isn’t made by Samsung after all?

Samsung is all set to unveil a brand new Android device on November 8, and last week we’ve found out that this might be the Google Nexus Two.

However, South Korean portal Danawa has quoted a Samsung official who said that the Gingerbread Samsung Nexus Two rumor is “simply not true.”

Of course, said official may not be fully aware of Samsung’s Android-related plans – sometimes websites just quote the wrong person.

(mockup of the supposed Samsung Nexus Two, made by Gizmodo)

If Samsung doesn’t announces the Nexus Two on November 8, the smartphone that will be unveiled is probably the Samsung Continuum for Verizon.

Does this mean there isn’t any Nexus Two, at all? We’ll see about that next Monday.

Via SamsungHub

Author: Florin

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