Walmart will sell you T-Mobile’s LG Optimus T for $0.97, Motorola Defy for $48.88

T-Mobile is prepping for a big launch of a few midrange and low-end Android devices on Wednesday, November 3. The devices in question will be the LG Optimus T, T-Mobile Comet and Motorola Defy. We’ve already known these will be reasonably priced, but the news just keeps getting better – for those interested in two of them at least.

A leaked Walmart leaflet shows that the retailer is getting ready to sell the LG Optimus T for 97 cents and the Motorola Defy for $48.88. If you thought the Optimus T was a steal at $29.99 (the amount T-Mobile will be asking for it), or the Defy at $99.99, Walmart’s pricing is sure to make you even happier.

Of course, as is always the case, a new 2-year service agreement is required, as is a $10 or $30 data plan, but hey…. 97 cents is 97 cents. And that’s for a very decently specced newly-released Android smartphone.

If you’d rather have them sans contract, Walmart will give you the Optimus T for $300 and the Defy for $500.

Via TmoNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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