Palm Pre 2 pre-orders will begin in the US on November 8

According to previous rumors, the Palm Pre 2 will be released by Verizon on November 11. And it now looks like HP’s new WebOS 2.0-powered smartphone will get a short three-day pre-order period before that.

Those interested in the Palm Pre 2 will be able to pre-order it starting November 8. That information has been made public by HP via their HP for Students Facebook page. What is unclear here is whether this is Verizon’s model they’re talking about, or the unlocked GSM Pre 2 that HP confirmed they will be selling direct and unlocked (presumably as a ‘dev phone’, much like Google has done in the past with the G1 and now with the Nexus One).

Anyway, we will find out on Monday which it was. This would fit nicely with Verizon’s schedule if they do intend to release it on November 11, so it’s not entirely impossible that both Verizon’s Pre 2 and the unlocked model would be up for pre-order at the same time. One way or the other, the launch of the Pre 2 in the US is clearly very close.

Via PreCentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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