T-Mobile’s Dell Venue Pro with Windows Phone 7 hits the FCC

A Dell smartphone that features T-Mobile USA 3G (1700MHz) has just been approved by the FCC: it’s the Windows Phone 7-based Venue Pro (model name V02S).

There’s nothing really new that the FCC tells us about the Venue Pro.

However, the handset’s approval means it can (and should be) launched by T-Mobile pretty soon, possibly on November 8 – the same date when AT&T will introduce its first Windows Phone 7 devices.

The Bluetooth SIG reveals that the Venue Pro / V02S is made by Qisda for Dell (which usually relies on ODMs / OEMs when it comes to hardware manufacturing).

Last week, the FCC approved another Dell smartphone, also manufactured by Qisda and called Dell Venue. This doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard (like the Venue Pro) and runs Android, but, otherwise, it’s pretty much the same device. Unlike the Venue Pro, the Venue has yet to be officially announced.

Author: Florin

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